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October 12, 2005

Almost There

I'm nearly finished editing and producing Part Two of Episode One of the Pure Idiom podcast: "Up and Away! (Hurricane Bruce)" -- I'd originally assumed that the podcast was lengthy enough to have to be divided into three segments, but, fortunately, I was incorrect, and Part Two will complete the pilot episode for Pure Idiom, and we can quickly get started writing and recording Episode Two.

It's truly been a labor of love, as the vocal talents of Scott McCollum and Laurence Simon are spot-on in every sequence (making me play catch-up to their bag of vocal tricks), and I made the wise decision beforehand to purchase a pack of royalty free sound effects that you hear scattered liberally throughout the podcast (and which add much needed depth and presence to the story) . . . otherwise you'd just have three people reading lines into a microphone with dead silence in the background, and who needs more of that?

I should have the podcast completed by this evening, and I'll post an update to the site when it's up and ready for downloading.

Thanks to all those who have been listening, and for the positive feedback so far.

And don't forget to enter to win the CD audiobook set for Bruce Campbell's "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way", our inaugural contest to get the Pure Idiom podcast rolling. Just send an email to us at pureidiom@spamarrest.com explaining, in less than 300 words, why you think you deserve to win a signed copy of Campbell's latest magnum opus. The top five emails will be posted on the site, and will each receive the "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way" audiobook on CD. You must enter with a valid email address as all winning entrants will be notified via email, and, of course, should you win, you'll need to provide Pure Idiom with a valid snail-mail address.

All entries must be received by October 31st, and the winners will be announced on November 1st.

For those who may be unaware of the existence of this fine B-List actor, Mr. Campbell is the star of the Evil Dead horror flick series (which brought the name of director Sam Raimi into Hollywood prominence -- "The Quick and the Dead" still remains one of my favorite films for its bizarre casting of Sharon Stone as the lead gun-shooter in a period-western, though the BF thinks it's a snore), and while Campbell has the dubious distinction of having starred in any number of failed television series and sci-fi channel stink-bombs, he's beloved by his fan base and has a loyal cult following, as Scott and I discovered when we went to meet him and get the audiobooks signed at an appearance he made at Scarecrow Video in Seattle's University District.

There must have been over three hundred people at the video store waiting eagerly to meet Campbell, and though I'm not one to be star-struck (or even the slightest bit interested in meeting or greeting pop culture celebrities), I was very much impressed by Campbell's rapport with his fans, his relaxed demeanor, his quick wit and his utter approachability. We had to wait for several hours before we could get the contest audiobooks signed (as the line was soooo long), and Campbell graciously agreed to record the two tag-lines for our podcast once we explained that we would review his audiobook on the podcast and give away free copies in an accompanying contest.

He's nothing if not a total product whore, is happy to have anybody plug his merchandise, and he's charmingly self-deprecating about it.

We have a list of other writers, actors, musicians and pundits that we hope to corral into recording lines for future podcasts, so stay tuned . . .

Posted by nathan - October 12, 2005


A bit of trivia I learned about Bruce Campbell by meeting him in person:

He's a normal-sized guy.

When I say a "normal-sized guy," I mean that he's over five feet tall, which seems to be the average height of most actors in Hollwood.

Bruce Campbell turned out to be eye-to-eye with Nathan and I, and we're both over six feet tall. This was really surprising to me because 9 times out of ten I'm always disappointed to meet celebrites for the same reasons: They are a foot shorter than me, they look like crap in person, they are idiots, etc.

I was shocked that Campbell was a normal-sized guy with a quick wit and a good attitude about the in store appearance in a strange town situation.

Posted by: Scott at October 12, 2005 05:34 PM

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