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October 25, 2005

Halloween Podcast Tease!

Wanna hear a little audio teaser for the Pure Idiom Halloween podcast? Click here to get your short but sweet hit of audio ecstasy!

Hopefully, this little snippet will whet your appetite for the full Halloween Podcast, "Night of the Living Left", in which our two unlikely compatriots of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (and their Libertarian Leaning cat) battle a horde of commie zombies controlled by a dastardly University Professor.

Stay tuned . . .

And just a reminder -- we're getting down to the wire on the Bruce Campbell audiobook contest. You have only 6 days left to send your email to pureidiom@spamarrest.com and tell us why you think you deserve to win a signed copy of Campbell's "Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way" audiobook on CD. It's clever, it's witty, and best of all, it's FREE if you win!

We have only five copies to give away, and winners will be announced November 1st, so we need your emails by midnight of October 31st. We have a number of great entries already in, but we'd like to hear from YOU! Make sure the email address you supply is valid, as we'll notify winners via email, and we'll ask for your snail-mail address so that we can send you your fabulous prize . . .

Only - 6 - Days - Left - !

Posted by scott - October 25, 2005


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