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November 13, 2005

Podcast Expo After Action Report

Your ol' buddy Scott made it back alive from the Portable Media Expo and Podcasting Conference. Thanks to Tim and Emile Borquin, the Podcast Brothers, for making this event a success. Although Tim is considered the Captain Kirk of this Enterprise, we should give mad props to primary podcaster Emile, who is currently hard at work turning every session and keynote speech into a podcast for you all to download soon after the next Pure Idiom podcast is released this week.

Be patient because it'll take Emile an extra couple of days to edit out the 782 antagonistic questions I shouted out during the two days of presentations...

No, because podcasters are not photogenic. I'm a prime example of this axiom. So is the entire "Pod Squad," the gang of media darlings anointed by Adam Curry via frequent mentions on his Daily Source Code podcast.

No, because Curry was only at the Expo for the Friday night award show to pick up his award for being "podfather" and you had to e-mail the guy a request time with him prior to the Expo. Ditto for any other PodShow types. I only learned of this restriction by listening to his podcast on the plane ride to the expo...

The good news is that Curry is a normal sized guy and not some little five foot-tall shrimp like most celebs.

Yes, click on the Extended Entry for more.

When talking to Bay Area podcast entrepreneur Eric Rice of Audioblog.com, he pointed out the fact that the Audioblog service has been doing for about a year what Odeo just started doing a couple of months ago to much media hype...
Kano vs. Johnny Cage-FIGHT!
...When I heard Odeo founder Noah Glass give a room full of eager podcasters his sales pitch about 30 minutes later, I immediately raised my hand and said: "I dunno, dude. What you're talking about sounds an awful lot like what Audioblog has been doing for about a year. Ever heard of Audioblog?"

Glass sighed and looked down at his shoes. "Eric Rice," he muttered. "That cocksucker..."

Oh, speaking of:
Dame Edna is funnier
This is "Madge," one of the anointed Pod Squaddies, who was in full please pay attention to me-mode at the Expo with a Podshow provided camera crew and PR handler. Personally, I was more fond this guy's schtick the first time I saw it 20 years ago from Barry Humphries' "Dame Edna" character.

Just before the lunch break, I saw this twelve year-old kid walking around the exhibition hall:
This little kid can own you
Since I only had a credit card and the expo's cafe only took cash, I beat the crap out of this kid and took a surprisingly large wad of cash he had in a money clip. After lunch, I attended a session on streaming media and found out that kid was actually Travis Kalanick, the CEO of the multimillion dollar bandwidth company Red Swoosh that has deals with DreamWorks, News Corp, uh-- and...

Well how the HELL was I supposed to know?

On the final day of the expo, I heard the best speech from this guy:
My name is *not* Tony Zanderhofinburger
His name is Michael Geohegan (pronounced "Toe-NEE Zan-der-HOFF-en-bur-GER"). He is an insurance salesman that has networked his way into a lot of plum podcasting jobs that pay money. Geoghegan told podcasters that they should charge a minimum of $1,000 for sponsorships and said even that is "undervalued."

Holy shit, I liked that guy's attitude!

I met with the Mark McCrery, the CEO of PodTrac, a service that has a better business model than the other copycat services I saw at the expo, and have aligned Pure Idiom with their service because it was free and Mark was nice enough to bail me out of the San Bernardino County Jail on Friday night. The lesson learned here was "don't give your business card to Scott."

I was also approached by John Mayerhofer, CEO of Voice Indigo, a company that distributes podcasts to the growing number of audio-capable mobile phones. I'll keep you posted on that one.

And since Nathan and I are both power users of M-Audio equipment, I'm pleased to have met with Tony McCall, VP of Consumer Sales at M-Audio, about a potential deal with his fine company. More on that deal later, but if you are a podcaster that is slowly killing your audience with shows hacked together on a $20 karaoke mic, you must check out M-Audio's newest product, Podcast Factory. Buy it and use it. The M-Audio Podcast Factory is perfection.

Posted by scott - November 13, 2005


Funny. Thank god you didn't have *my* business card. But I would've let you rot in jail . . .

Posted by: Nathan at November 15, 2005 11:17 AM

Aw, now that's ha-a-a-a-arsh!

Posted by: Scott at November 17, 2005 11:08 AM

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